• Question: What was your previous jobs ?

    Asked by zebraperson72 to Cathal, Ciara, Emma, Michael, Sive on 19 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Michael Nolan

      Michael Nolan answered on 19 Nov 2013:

      I have not had many, lucky for me but I have been
      – a warehouse operative
      – a kitchen operative
      – a proof reader

      and that’s about it. The first two were fantastic as they taught me a lot about life in general.
      Otherwise, I have only done and can only do research…

    • Photo: Sive Finlay

      Sive Finlay answered on 19 Nov 2013:

      Most of my previous jobs have been involved in science in some way. Before starting college I worked in a genetics lab helping to sort out lots of DNA samples from various types of cows. During one of the summers I worked in a neuroscience lab – hence I’m skilled at dissecting flies’ brains! Another summer I worked in an animal behaviour lab in Cambridge so I had a great time doing lots of fieldwork experiments in the woods studying what patterns on butterflies’ wings make them more or less conspicuous to bird predators. My only non-science job was teaching dancing to 6-12 year olds; definitely something very different!

    • Photo: Emma Cahill

      Emma Cahill answered on 19 Nov 2013:

      Hi again,
      I started working as a baby sitter in school, then waitress, then tour guide, librarian, in a kids clothes shop, and in a cinema. All these were while I was studying in college too, mostly summer jobs.

    • Photo: Cathal Cummins

      Cathal Cummins answered on 21 Nov 2013:

      Postman (pushbike courier)
      Factory worker
      Social worker