• Question: How did you become to love animals

    Asked by liverpoolfcman to Sive on 21 Nov 2013. This question was also asked by bulldog.
    • Photo: Sive Finlay

      Sive Finlay answered on 21 Nov 2013:

      It happened by accident really. I always had pets growing up and I was interested in animals and nature but I don’t think I was a typical animal lover who always dreamed of working with animals. When I started my general science degree I just found that I really loved all of the courses which were related to zoology; things like evolution, ecology, animal behaviour, parasitology and developmental biology. Studying zoology obviously involves a lot of learning about the different types of animals and how they work but it also teaches you how to think about and try to understand the natural world.
      So I guess it was a combination of my natural inclinations and finding interesting courses which led me to becoming a zoologist.