Thank you from your winner, Sive

Wow, what an awesome two weeks! I’ve had such a fun time taking part in this event. I loved the challenge of trying to answer your quirky and tough questions — even if it did leave my brain boggled most of the time :). I was delighted and very grateful to be the winner of the Lithium zone and I’m looking forward to putting the prize money to some very good use.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making the event such a success. Thanks to the moderators for their great organisation and for keeping things running smoothly, the teachers for their enthusiasm in signing up their classes, the other scientists for their camaraderie and their fantastic answers (I even learned a few things about physics :)) and most importantly thanks to all the students for your cool questions and fun chat!

I hope some of you have been inspired to keep up your science subjects at school and maybe think about studying or working in science in the future. Science is about so much more than the bespectacled, crazy-haired, mad scientist in the corner of the lab (although they do exist too…) so hopefully this event has helped you to see what it’s actually like to work in science — altogether pretty cool!

Thanks again for making the past two weeks so enjoyable and for voting for me as your winner; I’m very grateful to be able to say that I survived the I’m a scientist jungle :).

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